Bookends Recordings in the Can!

Bookends, a duo from Northern Kentucky, has just wrapped up their sessions at the Go to Your Room Studio. Chris Werner of Go To Your Room Productions will continue working with Bookends, mixing and mastering what is certain to be a superb album.

Joseph Lawal at Go to Your Room.

Savannah Lawal at Go to Your Room.

Work continues designing the physical CD cover. Bookends are working with designer Julie Hollyday on both concept and execution.

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Congratulations, Bookends!

Remember, support Kentucky’s independent musicians!


Chris Werner of Go to Your Room Productions

We at would like to acknowledge Chris Werner of Go to Your Room Productions for his work with Bookends and with’s first supported artist, Rus Powell. Chris creates a positive and comfortable session atmosphere for artists to record their best possible performances. He continues working directly with the artists to record and produce the clean, warm sounds that are the trademark of Go to Your Room.