and Covid-19 would like to extend our well-wishes to everyone during the current global pandemic.

During this time when all of us are staying at home, is still able to accept submissions from artists for consideration. helps musicians self-publish their music. If you are a musician or group with an album’s worth of original material and you have never recorded and released an album before, you are eligible to have your album recorded and published with our help.We do not claim any rights to the music. All profits from music sales go directly to the artists.

During our current search for the next artist or group to receive our help, we have also been fundraising. We operate solely on donations. We do everything we can to keep operating costs low so that most of the money we receive goes directly to helping the musicians we support. Every dollar counts. However, while we appreciate all donations we receive, we would encourage you during this global pandemic to give your donations to your local food pantry or other organizations helping those suffering during this trying time.

In the meantime, we will continue our search for artists and be ready to make a new album happen when this ordeal is over.

Stay safe.