Board of Directors

Michael R. CavittLog Out

Board Chairman and Kentucky native Michael R. Cavitt is the founder and president of  Michael has recorded, produced and published several recordings during since his first solo recording in 1990. He continues to be an active composer, performer and recording artist. Michael uses his experience and connections from decades as an independent musician to fulfill the mission of

David M. McLean

Board member David M. McLean is a long-time fixture in the Central Kentucky music scene. David has been performing with bands and as a solo artist since the 1980s. As a guitar teacher, he has touched the lives of hundreds of students in Kentucky. He is also the founder of the Lexington Music Awards. David raises the profile of, and is input is invaluable.

C. Stuart Reedy

Stuart serves as a Board Member and Technical Advisor to Stuart’s decades of experience as a singer/songwriter and his expertise in electronics and Information Technology makes him a valuable asset as both a creative and technical advisor.