Rus Powell CD Release

Rus Powell at the CD release party for his album, A Thousand Different Roads. is proud to announce that our first supported artist recorded and published his CD.

Rus Powell’s album, A Thousand Different Roads, is now available at on CD or for download and will soon be available worldwide for download and streaming from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and many other resources. Remember, operates solely through donations and volunteers. The artist receives 100% of the profits from the sale of their music. Please support Rus by buying his music!

We at are proud of A Thousand Different Roads. It is an ideal representation of the great music coming from independent musicians in Kentucky. Rus was a joy to work with and we wish him well with this and future projects.

If you would like to help our efforts to support more independent Kentucky musicians, please visit our DONATE page and consider contributing. We operate on a relatively small budget, so every little bit helps.

Congratulations, Rus!

Rus Powell (right) with the President of, Michael R. Cavitt.