KentuckyJam.org (KentuckyJam) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps Kentucky musicians record and self-publish their music. We select musicians who have an album’s worth of original material and, at no cost to the musician, make a professional-quality, digital recordings of their music.  The recordings are fully produced, and then 100 CDs of the collection are printed.  A CDBaby.com account is established in the musician’s name, by which the CDs are made available for sale through CDBaby.com.  CDBaby.com then submits the collection for sale on a multitude of online sellers, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon.com, and several others.  The musician’s songs are also registered to collect royalties from radio, television. etc. Once the music is published, the services of KentuckyJam are completed.  KentuckyJam holds no rights to the music. All accounts created for the project are registered to the musician. The musician collects 100% of the profit from the sale of their music.

  • KentuckyJam.org operates solely on donations.
  • KentuckyJam.org collects no proceeds from music sales.
  • Kentuckyjam.org does not claim rights to the artists’ music.