Info for Artists

Musician-clients of (KentuckyJam) will be selected by the KentuckyJam board of directors, with final approval by the Board Chairman.  In order to be eligible, musicians must live in Kentucky and have approximately 25 minutes of material to record. Selection will be based on our perception of the quality of music, musicians’ demonstrated lack of access to recording facilities, and hardship impeding the musicians’ ability to self-publish. Musicians may be evaluated through live performance, video recordings, audio recordings or any combination of the three. functions solely on donations.  The officers and board members are volunteers.  Because there are so many talented artists in our area, this will inevitably lead to a logjam of qualified candidates.  Our goal in the beginning will be to record and produce one artist per year.  All submissions will be reviewed, responded to and saved for future reference.

Please click the “CONTACT” link above to reach out with questions and/or submissions.